This page is an attempt to follow the careers of Bethany alumni who have gone on to continue athletic competition. As of August 16, 2011, it is still under construction.

Class of 2011
Jenae Hershberger: cross country, Hesston College
Ali Hochstetler: cross country, Goshen College
Elyse Hooley: soccer, Hesston College
Seth Krabill: tennis, Goshen College
Mattie Lehman: volleyball, Eastern Mennonite University
Mandy Schlabach: volleyball, Goshen College
Heather Schwartz: soccer, Hesston College
Aaron Stiffney: soccer, Goshen College
Joel Yoder: soccer, Goshen College
Sharisse Yoder: soccer, Marian University
Marla zumFelde: basketball, Eastern Mennonite University

Class of 2010
Corine Alvarez: tennis, Goshen College (2011)
Karli Graybill: soccer, Bluffton College (2010)/Hesston College
Robby Heydon: soccer, Hesston College (2010)
Seth Kauffman: basketball, Goshen College (2010-11)
Lexi Kantz: volleyball, Goshen College
Mikey Kelly: tennis/baseball, Goshen College
Austin Loucks: tennis, Hesston College
Jesse Ramer: soccer, Western Michigan University (2010)/Goshen College
Kelly Snyder: soccer, Goshen College (2010)
Kate Steury: volleyball, Hesston College
Claude Stickler: tennis, Hesston College
Marissa Weldy: soccer, Goshen College
Sierra Wheeler: soccer, Hesston College

Class of 2009
Matt Amstutz: tennis, Goshen College (2009-10, 2012)
Daniel Buschert: tennis, Goshen College
Lewis Caskey: soccer, Goshen College
Hannah Grieser: volleyball, Goshen College
Nick Handrich: cross country, Goshen College
Erin Helmuth: cross country/track, Goshen College
Luke Hostetter: tennis, Messiah College
Johnny Kauffman: tennis, Earlham College
Chelsea Noble: softball, Indiana University (2009)
Jenae Rupp: basketball, Goshen College
Jonny Shenk: tennis, Eastern University
Luke Slagel: cross country, Goshen College
Jodi Stutzman: softball, Hesston College (2009-10)
Jordan Weaver: soccer, Goshen College
Alita Yoder: cross country/track, Goshen College

Class of 2008
David Eigsti: soccer, Hesston College (2008-09)/Goshen College
Daniel Gingerich: golf, Goshen College
Calvin Graybill: soccer, Hesston College (2008-09)
Jessica Herschberger: soccer, Hesston College (2008-09)
Kari Heusinkveld: basketball, Hesston College (2008-10)/Goshen College
Jena Schwartzentruber: soccer, Hesston College (2008-09)
Jennifer Snyder: soccer, Eastern Mennonite University (2008-09)/Goshen College
Moon Shik Woo: soccer, Goshen College

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