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What We Do
Bleeding Bruin Blue is a blog covering the Bethany Christian Bruins, founded on August 6, 2008. The blog has averaged nearly 700 hits per month and covered over 1,300 events (as of November 28, 2010); it is the most complete source of compiled Bruin game summaries during its life.

One notable feature of Bleeding Bruin Blue is its Athlete of the Week award, given each Sunday to the Bruin who demonstrated the most superior athletic performance (including objectives such as sportsmanship and fair play) during that week. Since its inception 13 days after the blog began, it has been awarded 81 times. Middle school as well as high school athletes are eligible: nearly one in eight winners comes from grades six through eight. The most frequent winner has been Marla zumFelde with 9 awards, followed by 2010 alumni Seth Kauffman and Mikey Kelly with eight and six respectively. Sol Brenneman is the only athlete to win multiple awards in middle school; he and senior Ben Mast are the only athletes to win in non-consecutive years. The complete rules and procedures to nominate can be found here.

Who We Are
Bleeding Bruin Blue is brought to you by the following team. To contact any of them, drop us a line at and your message will be forwarded to the appropriate party.

Tony Miller, News Editor/Webmaster
Joined BBB: August 2008
The only member of Bleeding Bruin Blue's initial staff, Tony founded the site in 2008. Since then, he has been responsible for much of the site's writing and results posting in addition to directing the publications division. Tony has also served as an announcer, timer and scorer for Bruin athletics at various levels since 2003.

Ryan Miller, Results Editor
Joined BBB: August 2010
Ryan has been in charge of posting Bethany results since August 2010, when he officially joined the staff after answering phone calls and otherwise putting up with the editor for two years. Since then, he has also served on the Athlete of the Week committee and earned a varsity letter on Bethany's cross country team. 

Adjunct Staff
There are a few people who aren't officially on our staff but still help the operation of Bleeding Bruin Blue in innumerable ways. In fact, we'll go as far as saying that this site couldn't exist in its present form. Some of these are listed below.
  • Kevin Miller, Bethany communications coordinator/assistant athletic director
  • Benji Hurst (2010-) and Bryan Kehr (2008-10), Bethany athletic directors
  • Mike Ganger, Michiana Sports Authority
  • Matt Miller and Benchwarmer Design for the masthead graphic and Athlete of the Week sign
  • All of Bethany's statisticians and coaches for their assistance in submitting results
  • Our families, for somehow tolerating the obsessive toil on which this site runs.
  • Leigh Evans, John Harrell, and Earl Mishler, proprietors of three of Indiana's premier basketball websites.
  • Blogger, Picasa, and Lexmark technical support